Welcome to my blog!

Well hello there!

It looks like I've decided to start a blog. The entries I've been mapping out in my head mostly look like short essays on things like my relationship with academia, probably one on analysis of Scriabin (don't run away, I promise that this isn't a theory blog!), and the one I'll be posting shortly about how reggaeton and Bizet are pretty much the same thing. Well at least in one important aspect. I'm not too sure that there's going to be much of a theme yet, mostly because I'm too curious about too many things. But my idea is to take an idea or an intersection of ideas that I don't know too much about, research it, and present a short and fun to read essay which will hopefully give you something to think about. 

So, in a nutshell, that's all most of what I know about what this adventure will be for me so far. If you enjoy what I write, please leave me comments with questions or feedback! As I said, I've got an actual post that's got actually interesting content coming shortly! Until then, thanks for checking this out!